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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Popular Nollywood Actress, film maker and entrepreneur, Mercy Aigbe-Gentry has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry…

The award winning actress and mother of two in a recent interview, she spoke on her award, family, and style, among others.
How do you feel winning the Yoruba Movie Personality of the year 2015 at the City People Entertainment Awards?
As the Yoruba Movie Personality of the Year 2015, I am happy, lifted. I was very happy; that is another addition to me. To God be the gory and I thank my fans who voted for me.

Why did you decide to bring your daughter along for the event?
My husband and my daughter were there with me. I just wanted my daughter to come and share the experience, to come on the red carpet, see the way mummy is doing it so that so that most times when I have to go to work she would understand better.

Will you allow your children to become entertainers too?
No. I keep saying it that whatever my kids want to do in life as a career or whatever, they have my 100% support. If she says she wants to be a model, I will be there for her and will support her.

Your daughter is going into modeling, do you support it?
Yes, I support her. In fact, I am supposed to have set her up before now because some agencies had approached me. But sincerely, you know, when it is comes to modeling, I have to trust who ever I want to give my daughter to because there are a lot of things out there, and I don’t want her to go out without proper guidance. I am actually waiting for her to finish her secondary school, so by that time, I will know she is ready and will have enough time for her and also become her manager.

Tell us about your new movie Victim?
Victim is about a young lady who had to go through a lot of things in life that she didn’t ask for, things she was born into. A lot of people go through a lot of experiences not because they brought it upon themselves but maybe through curse or destiny. It is an emotional movie, full of suspense, and a movie that I know that if it eventually comes out, people are going to love it. It’s a movie that teaches morals and on marriage. I believe that nowadays, people don’t really respect the institution of marriage because they are not patient enough to bear so many things that comes with being in a union with another person. They just forget that they are different individuals, from different backgrounds with different upbringing and are not ready to compromise so many things. That is why so many marriages are not working. It’s also talks about domestic violence. It’s a bumper package am sure people will love it.

The film featured real-life divorced couple, Saidi and Fathia Balogun. How did you manage to get them together?
Yes, Saidi and Fathia on that set. Saidi is a fantastic actor and Fathia is also a fantastic actress. They have both been in the industry for a long time and are also my senior colleagues. They are people I respect so much because they have a name in the industry. When I was casting I saw that these two individuals can actually play the roles I wanted them to play in the movie that was why I chose them.

How did you get Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim to speak Yoruba?
Yes, she was excited playing that role and learning a new language. You know, when you are doing something different from the usual it’s always very exciting and adventurous. It was very good having her on set. She did her best. In fact, she killed the role and I was happy working with her.

What inspires your style?
I have always loved looking good and it started a long time ago. I like taking compliments from people about my look and that is why I love looking good because it makes my head swell. I am somebody who loves taking pictures so I love to dress up to take pictures.

How long does it take to you to get ready?
At least two and a half hours. Makeup artists take too much time on your face, I do not know why and most of them take like three hours. But for my every day look, a night before I go out, I pick up everything I would need, otherwise, the following day, I would try three or four clothes and that would take about an hour. Sometimes, my mood determines what I wear.

Tell us about the hair (weaves) line you plan to launch.
Yes, we have Mag Diva Hair which will be launching very soon. We also have skin lightening creams, knuckle creams and much more. It’s all about beauty.

What piece of clothing are you most comfortable in?
You know I have knocking-knees, most people think its k-leg but it is knocking-knees. I am proud of my knocking-knees because it’s what God has given me but I just feel some times I don’t want to show it off that is why I wear more of long dresses.

What is your fashion weakness?
When it comes to fashion, I am very crazy. I just love everything shoes and bags. In fact, I have lost count.

What is your most expensive fashion item?
A wristwatch my husband gave me in 2010.

What fashion item can you not do without?
My wig because I cannot go out without it especially when my hair is not made, and my purse.

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