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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Drake and Serena Williams have been photographed kissing each other in a restaurant. Will the two confirm they’re in a couple ? Or will they deny everything like they usually do ?

Rumors concerning the real nature of Drake and Serena’s relationship have been going on for months, if not years now. Years during which the couple has always claimed that they were just really good friends. 
Last july, during Wimbledon tennis tournament, several British journalists had written they had seen the couple kissing in a night club. 
The two “friends”  were quick to clarify the situation, stating that they were like brothers and sisters, and that would explain why they’re so close.
“We’ve been friends for years now. He’s like my brother”, had declared the champion and tennis legend Serena Williams. Yeah sure. We didn’t forget how Serena was at the center of a beef between rappers Common and Drake who both had interest in her.
Last week, while she was playing at the Cincinnati tournament, which took place during august 17th and 23rd, Serena received the visit of a very good friend, Canadian rapper Drake. To celebrate the athlete’s victory, Drake and Serena went out to eat in a fancy Italien restaurant. They had a special private room set up for them.
But unfortunately, TMZ cameras were also in that restaurant and they managed to get a few pictures of the couple kissing each other. According to TMZ, the couple “couldn’t keep their hands and lips off of each other”.

Well, the pictures below are quite explicit. Take a look. It will be hard to deny anything after that.

See more photos below …

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