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Friday, March 11, 2016

Upcoming singer, Korra Obidi, replies trolls who attacked her for having dark knees in her swimwear photos

Yesterday, banker tuned singer and model, Korra Obidi, shared swimwear photos on her Instagram page and some trolls attacked her for having dark knees. Read her reply to them below ...
So I posted this picture on my fan page on all social media platforms and Linda carried it. I have been getting different insults and all soughts about my knees. Honey, these pictures were taken with my phone, no edits, no brushing, no photoshop, attempt that and let us see you.
I am a human being, my entire life as early as 5am, my home chore was dusting the living room's rug. I would do this on my knees because it would take hours, and could break my back if I didn't kneel. For 4 years I trained Bellydance floor work and this required a lot of knee/ floor contact. You don't like my battle scars? Well maybe you shouldn't be here then. True fans don't expect perfection. And no! I would not tone or bleach them because I am against any form of skin alterations using bleaching agents. I am very Pro-natural and that's that. Gracias

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