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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fashion or Nudity? See How This Woman Exposed Herself at a Party (Photo)

A woman has left tongues wagging after she attended an event wearing a very revealing dress that exposed her two breasts.
The lady wore this dress that barely hid her breasts
A Nigerian woman has caused serious controversy online after a picture of her wearing a skimpy dress that revealed important areas of her body that should have been covered. The unidentified lady threw caution to the wind while wearing a dress that barely covered her breasts.
Many people have blasted her saying such exposure of the breasts portrays the kind of loose conduct people have in this era.
"My broda there's nothing private about the breast anymore. Wetin remain na make gals dey wear showglass for their chest and ass dey waks... Even sef d way wey sex dey sell dis days, some gals vayjay shld b termed public assets and amenities considering the number of ppl wey dey use am...
"With the rate at which ladies a exposing their breast on social media is it still a private part," a man commented.
Someone said: "Today you go hear rude queen causes calamity as she exposes her boobs on Instagram tomorrow you go hear Lagos big girl shut down Instagram with her boobs ah ah wetin happen. Breast breast breast everywhere."
Another added: "Before you know now dem go start to de expose yan# and vagina before you know it it will become a norm just like the display of boobs reality and even on social media - the worst of it. God help this world. Chai smh smh"
"Breast is no longer a private part, bro. Just as the female pubic area is now a public area." another person said.

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