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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Police officers allegedly give Nigerian lady hottest slap of her life (photos)

Police officers allegedly give Nigerian lady hottest slap she's ever received in her life (photos)
A Nigerian lady who says some policemen in Aba, Abia state gave her the hottest slap and beating she’s ever received in her life has shared her ordeal and photos from the incident.
According to Chinkata Uche Tina, incident happened on the 14th of September during the heat of the crisis and curfew in Abia state. She wrote:

This was how i escaped death last night. I left ph to Enugu as early as possible yesterday morning for something very important.
And i left Enugu to ph by 4pm hoping to be in aba by past 6pm since there’s curfew in the state but unfortunately we got stuck at ama awusa just between Enugu and Abia before Okigwe.
We were there till 10pm, Army came to help clear the road. On our way to aba, we passed so many check points without stress. Getting close to Ariaria we were arrested and beaten by police. They gave me the hottest slap and beaten I’ve never received in my life. I can’t even hear well nor feed with my mouth.
Their anger is that we’re igbos. They said our brothers are the reason why their station was set on fire, and some of them were killed. They kept us with them till 4am this morning, I arrived ph around past 6.
I know some of you’ll blame me for travelling even when i knew the situation on ground, but if you actually know the reason why i travelled you won’t blame me. Pls if you’re planning to travel to Aba, Umuahia or Enugu i advise you hold on for now what i experienced last night isn’t funny at all… Abians need your prayers pls.

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