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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Prophet Pictured Kissing His Wife & House Help Is Mentally Ill−Tanzanian Police

Tanzanian police have deemed a controversial, self-proclaimed prophet mentally ill. According to the Dodoma Police Commander, the condition was disclosed following a medical check-up on Nabii Tito.
The 44-year-old Tito, real name Onesmo Machibya made headlines after he was pictured preaching with a Bible on one hand and a bottle of beer in the other.
Viral photos of Prophet Tito kissing his wife and house help have been doing rounds on social media leaving many astounded.

While making the announcement on Tito’s mental health at a press briefing, Commander Gilles Muroto warned the preacher against preaching controversial messages about Christianity.
Muroto accused Tito of incitement against religion and misleading his followers with a non-existent doctrine.
Nabii Tito’s case comes just few months after a church known as Louzolo Amour in Congo was exposed for preaching that drinking beer can cast out demons.
Founded by Guy Emile Loufoua Cetikouabo, he proclaimed himself God and his followers claim that he is invisible. Cetikouabo’s representative on earth is one Charles Mikoungui Loundou who is also the church leader.
Speaking to African News, one of the church’s followers confessed that “I arrived here sick, brother Mikoungui gave me a bottle of beer, I drank a first sip, and a second, at the third one, I went into a trance, I then felt better.”

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