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Monday, March 19, 2018

From Hotel Waiter To A Governor's Special Assistant

A hard-working Nigerian man identified as Abel Ifemi, has taken to social media to share his grass to grace story in a bid to discourage other job seekers from being idle and becoming a problem to the society.

The young man who is now a special assistant to the Governor of Bayelsa State on Social media, revealed how he worked in a hotel after the completion of his one year mandatory NYSC programme and was receiving N19,000 monthly to sustain himself, and urged people to start something first, no matter how small. His words;

"I have no work to do that is why I am committing crimes. That is the most moronic excuse any young Man can give.

"After graduation in 2011 and successful completion of the NYSC in 2012,I returned back to my State with the hope of having a good Job,but as all expectations were shattered and cuts off,after trekking the whole state with my big Brown file.

"My next point of action wasn't to commit crime by becoming a petty thief,but I kept hope alive and Started as a waiter in one of the hotels in town with 19k as my Monthly take home. 19k of a truth can't sustain me for the Month,but It was the best option I took than to remain idle at home.

"The above picture was my first day in office at that time.

"You certainly don't have any excuse to be idle and become a nuisance in the Society.

"Try and get something doing and be hopeful to God!

"Remember; for you to start small does not mean that you can't make it big!"

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