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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ojukwu On His First Day As Governor Of The Eastern Region (Throwback Photos)

On January 15 of 1966, Nigeria experienced its first coup led by Major Nzeogwu. The coup was put down by the head of the Army, Major General Aguiyi-Ironsi who then assumed power. Ironsi then announced that the top Army commander in Enugu at the time, Lt Colonel David Ejoor should become temporary Military Governor of the East until he (Ironsi) decided on a permanent Governor (Ejoor could not be permanent Governor since he was not from the Eastern Region). Two days later, Ironsi announced the 4 Military Governors for the 4 Regions. They were:-

Lt Colonel Emeka Ojukwu - Eastern Region
Lt Colonel F.A Fajuyi - Western Region
Lt Colonel David Ejoor - Mid-West Region
Major Useman Katsina - Northern Region

Ojukwu flew to Enugu and immediately started work in his temporary office, the one Ejoor had used 2 days before. Ojukwu started growing his trademark beard from that day.

Eze Igbo gburu gburu!

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