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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Depressed Teenage Boy Commits Suicide In Lagos (Graphics Photos)

A young boy named henry had just commited suicide by hanging himself,according to a Facebook user chimelum ajanma who happens to be his friend,reasons for his suicide can't be ascertained at the moment,although depression might be the pillar!

Rip Bro..
Most times in life,Things might go wrong,things may not be going as might conclude that your case is the worst on Earth.. Often times due to the challenges aforementioned, suicidal thought might come through..
So this my brother from another mother, a friend,a Genius who everyone would love to associate with just took his life with his Bare hands for reasons unidentified.. So sad and pathetic,I wish I knew the state he was before committing suicide,who words of encouragement and motivation might keep him going..
To everyone out there thinking about suicide,just so you know..(1)Things do change overtime (2)There are always options rather than suicide (3) you can't predict the future (4)No situation is hopeless!
Rip once again bro
#Depression is real

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