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Monday, September 10, 2018

Betty Irabor Talks About the Discomfort and Shame she Felt Flying an Economy Class

Genevieve Magazine Publisher Betty Irabor in an IG post this morning, has revealed how she felt so uncomfortable and embarrassed flying an Economy Class, why? Because her fans could see her, Read her post below!

Continue from the screenshot.
''I just smiled until she left.. Like Really? But I wasn’t about to be left to travel my premium economy in peace as yet another “fan” came from her Upper Class seat to ask “Aunty Betty, can I bring you some champagne, do you need anything?”. ( she is now the Air hostess abi?) Again,I said No, I was fine! Long and short of the story, I couldn’t travel in peace! People decided to make my business their own!
Can we just allow people Be?...To make their choices and take jobs that are available while they are waiting for their big breaks? Can a former project fame guy drive cabs in peace before his dream job and career? Can a former actor on Bill Cosby show bag groceries in peace and not be shamed? Can we just be and let others be?? Can we ourselves just live our best lives without padding anything to impress others who really don’t count? Can we resist societal pressures and live our lives on our terms? Can you just be you and Do you?
Can you just be happy, married or in your single hood? I urge you to be happy in your up and coming career, can you accept that you’re work in progress? Can you not give a damn abt others expectations? Can you choose not to accept any labeling?
Can u just not allow anyone/ society dictate how you choose to live? Can u choose not to apologize for your own choices and decisions but be brave to OWN them & hold yourself accountable for any consequences?
Have a good week.. Don’t burden your self unnecessarily.
Travel light!

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