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Friday, September 21, 2018

Lady Goes to Report at Military Camp After been Battered by a Soldier, See Reply she Got (Photos)

A lady on Instagram has cried out after been unlawfully beaten by some Soldiers, even tho they were at Fault, The lady Miss Adenuga who's currently in pains said they almost rammed into her car, And still they battered her, She then rushed to Bonny Camp to lay a Complain, But they replied her saying she can’t report a soldier to a soldier.'

'So I was beaten blue black by men in uniform this morning by marina b/stop ....
I was crossing.. out of the blue a car almost ran me down.... on a one way,I challenge the car for the speed on a one way.. when the car parked there was three soldier men and a woman... before I know what was happening I was descended on for questioning them for almost running me down with their car... wasn’t able to get their faces but I got their plate number.. 
I even went to Bonny camp, the lady at the gate refused me entry, saying I can’t report a soldier to a soldier.''





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